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BALTIMORE– LAWFUEL – The Law Jobs & Law Newswire –According to Winelander Law Group, there are many untruths surrounding the YouTube Lawsuit beginning with the fact that the lawsuit was filed by Explorologist Ltd on May 7th in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania (Civil Action No: 2:07-cv-01848) against Brian Sapient. Simply put, the lawsuit was filed by Explorologist Ltd for copyright infringement under British law for 10 seconds of video, not 3 seconds of video.

“The bottom line is Sapient did not ask for permission to use the copyrighted video – he does not own the portion of the video that deals with Dr. Hughes,” said Richard Winelander, Explorologist’s lawyer. “It is important to note this was not the first YouTube complaint against Sapient.”

Winelander further added that Explorologist Ltd sued first in Sapient’s home town, with the help of Philadelphia lawyer Alan Frank. Winelander pointed out that Explorologist did NOT bend any DMCA rules.

“The video in question has been out there for years,” said Uri Geller. “The concern of the company is the use of intellectual property without permission and nothing else – any other allegations are ludicrous. I am amazed by Sapient’s lack of regard for property rights of others.”

YouTube has a clearly stated copyright policy that says: “Do not upload copyrighted material for which you do not own the rights or have permission from the owner.”

“Uri Geller is no stranger to controversy and there are many videos criticizing Uri on YouTube that we have no problem with. What we do mind is our copyrighted material being used without our consent,” said Winelander.

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