Bankruptcy Attorneys Recognized for Helping Clients in Tough Times

Loveland, CO — – The Law Firm Newswire Service — The Law Offices of Loomis & Greene and Loveland bankruptcy attorney, Kurtis Loomis, are pleased to announce that the practice offers both legal and emotional support when the client is in the midst of tough times. The legal professionals understand that bankruptcy is an emotionally draining process, so clients are treated in a courteous and supportive manner.

Speaking in a recent interview, Loveland bankruptcy attorney, Kurtis Loomis, explained, “The stress of filing for bankruptcy often follows a period of personal financial stresses during which the bills pile up and creditors become more and more strident. We listen to the details of the financial status. We have the legal knowledge to transform those facts into an accurate bankruptcy filing. We understand the need to hang onto every possible asset in order to facilitate the fresh start after the court action.”

“The legal document preparation of the filing is only part of what we do” he continues. “We understand that the stress, worry and embarrassment that are the lead-in to filing bankruptcy. We help our clients comprehend that bankruptcy is not the end of life, but should be considered as a fresh new start financially.”

The professionals counsel clients on the legal aspects of bankruptcy. It’s important for individuals and couples to obtain help with the stress, embarrassment and worry that are associated with filing for bankruptcy. Mr. Loomis and the professionals take care of the legal aspects of filing, so that the issue is removed from the frame. In addition, clients are encourage to understand that a bankruptcy should be viewed as a new beginning, free of the concerns and stress of financial debts.

Learn more about the assistance with the legal aspects of filing for bankruptcy protection and how debtors can make a new financial start by visiting the web pages at today. Members of the press and others who have additional questions about the content of this press release are encouraged to contact the law firm

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