Basic Law Intensive for Health Professionals to be Conducted in Melbourne

LAWFUEL – The Legal Newswire – Across the weekend of the 20th and 21st of October 2007, the Australian College of Legal Medicine will be holding an intensive two day lecture series in Melbourne, as an introduction to core law subjects as taught to undergraduate law students to provide doctors, dentists, and other health professionals with an understanding of the basic concepts of law.

The Australian College of Legal Medicine (ACLM), Australia’s forerunner in the field of legal medicine encourages NSW doctors, nurses and health care workers to participate in the conference to increase their knowledge of the law and the Australian legal system to develop a credible and realistic understanding of matters of law applicable to their professional practice.

“As today’s medical arena becomes increasingly litigious, a clear understanding of the Australian legal system is absolutely essential in all fields of medicine,” says Professor Roy Beran, ACLM President.

“With a heightened awareness of the large number malpractice cases being investigated around the country. Important issues are being raised and inquires initiated which will have a future impact on the medical community.”

“Australia’s medical community must continue to education themselves with the appropriate knowledge in regards to legal medicine and the relevance it plays in their day to day operations.”

Professor Beran believes that Australian health care workers must increase their awareness of legal ramifications when practising medicine or working in the administrative fields of medicine, nursing and dentistry. The ACLM conduct such programs in order to provide the medical community with such knowledge to prepare themselves for the future.

The Basic Law Intensive is presented by a highly legally qualified faculty of lecturers and will serve as a supplement and/or entrée to the ACLM Expert Witness Training program and the ACLM Advanced Law Intensive, which incorporates further aspects of law.

Topics covered across the two day course range from the legal system and process in Australia, law of torts, contract law, criminal law, statute interpretation and an introduction to recent professional case precedents and issues.

The venue for the two-day law intensive will be the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine.
Complimentary to the Basic Law Intensive, the ACLM will also present the Expert Witness Intensive, which will be conducted on Friday October 19, 2007 at the same venue

For further information and enrolment in the Law intensive course visit or contact ACLM Executive on 02-9402-9565

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