Bed Bugs With That Law Job?

<href=Legal Jobs Blog – Poor old Cravaths, one of Wall Street’s most eminent firms, has been struck down with some bedbug infestation. The blogs and wires are alive, along with the offices and beds evidently, a bedbug invasion.

For instance: AboveTheLaw:

1 . An email was sent around Cravath last week about the presence of bed bugs at the firm.

2. A few bedbugs were found on two floors, the 21st floor and the 41st floor, which are being fumigated.

3. Two employees had bedbugs in their apartments and told the firm, which caused the firm to investigate.

4. The 21st floor is a paralegal / administration floor, but the 41st floor is a litigation floor — which means that one of the two employees may be a lawyer.

6. Both of the employees are still with the firm (i.e., they have not been fired, like the poor soul at Cadwalader who, rumor has it, got canned after self-reporting).

7. The email about the bed bug problem was protected against forwarding or copying.

Apparently Cravath and Cadwalader have something in common other than the Bear Stearns deal that they both acted on. AbovetheLaw reported that equally prestigious (well, almost) Cadwaladers also reported a bedbug issue, followed by an announcement of lawyer layoffs. Nothing in that line yet from Cravath’s.

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