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City, State, Date- Social networks have caused a rage these days. What can be better than being in touch with all your long lost buddies and that too while you are working on your system. So, just use your twitter account on and stay connected to all your friends.
Social networking sites like orkut, facebook and Hi5 have enabled people to stay in touch with far off friends and family members. Here, is yet another site for you that offer better connectivity and better features. Now you can feel close to your friends and family 365x24x7.
This website is another social networking aggregator. Getting started on this site is very simple. All that you need to make your profile on this site is a twitter account. The moment you have a twitter account, you can get started. The best part about this site is that unlike other networking sites, making a profile is a hassle free job. Once you log in with your twitter account, the work of profile making is done within few minutes. You can even use the information from your facebook or any other account to fill in the profile.
The website has been conceptualized by lePunk popularly known as Tamas Azikszai. He is 24 year old chap working in UK as a PHP developer and is also an award winner for network aggregator. He became a twitter addict almost a year back and since then he has devoted his time and resources to finally come up with something of similar types but with certain enhanced and added features. Apart from this, he is also the originator of retweet exchange, and Bandwars, the music social network websites.
So, want to know what all your ZellR can do for you? Well, it gives you an access to innumerable people. The moment you feel lonely, you can log on to the website and connect to you friends. You can even make new friends and feel elated.
The website also offers a special opportunity to its members to feature on its web page. If you do not have a profile and you make a new profile, you might get a chance to be on the official webpage of this site. Who knows that the next time you open your account, your photo is featuring on the cover page!
Getting started is very easy! The moment you open the site, you can take a tour to the initial process. The first time you log on, you can add your other social network ids. You can even upload your pictures. Entering the basic information had been made very easy by the site wizard. Even a beginner will find making the profile a cakewalk.
So get on with and upload all your favorite videos and enjoy then any time you want to. You can also view your daily aggregates by clicking the URL assigned to you. You can also view the feds of your friends on various social networks. So what are you waiting for? Discover a new and a better world of social networking.

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