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This analysis examines the historical and forecast performance for Biogen Idec in the prescription pharma sector. The profile encompasses global company strategy, portfolio and pipeline analysis and assessment of financial performance, with 1-6 year sales forecasts for key drugs. An interactive forecasting and analysis tool provides continually updated quantitative and qualitative information.
Reasons to Purchase
Benchmark Biogen Idec’s performance against key rivals in the prescription pharmaceutical sector
See how the company’s sales will be driven by two key monoclonal antibody products: Rituxan and Tysabri. Evaluate Avonex’s prospects as Biogen Idec’s blockbuster multiple sclerosis product comes under increased pressure as Tysabri’s sales continue to rise
Table Of Contents
About the PharmaVitae team 2
Chapter 1 About this profile 3
PharmaVitae Explorer database 3
Chapter structure 3
Executive summary 3
Quarterly news update 3
Company introduction 3
Company sales 4
Company financials 4
Key products and competitors 4
Data sourcing 4
Sales data 4
Analyst consensus 4
Chapter 2 Executive summary 5
Key findings 5
Prescription pharmaceutical sales and growth rate performance, 2002-14 6
Financial performance, 2002-14 7
Biogen Idec: PharmaVitae forecasts at a glance 8
Strategic insight 9
The merger of Biogen and IDEC Pharmaceuticals created a CNS and oncology player 9
Tysabri the driver of Biogen Idec’s growth, although at the expense of declining Avonex sales 10
Biogen MS franchise will remain central to the company’s future performance, as sales growth of Rituxan slows 12
SWOT analysis 14
Strengths 14
Weaknesses 14
Opportunities 15
Threats 15
Table of Contents 16
Table of figures 18
Chapter 3 Quarterly news update 19
Product developments 19
Deals and alliances 21
Product deals 21
Technology deals 22
M&A activity 23
Company announcements 24
Future product milestones 25
Chapter 4 Company introduction 26
Key findings 26
Background 27
M&A history 27
Conforma Therapeutics 28
Fumapharm AG 28
Syntonix 28
About Syntonix’s Hemophilia Programs and Technology Platforms 29
Biogen Idec persists with Facet 29
Current corporate structure 30
Biopharmaceuticals 30
Chapter 5 Company sales 32
Key findings 32
Prescription pharmaceutical sales and growth rate analysis, 2002-14 33
Product analysis 34
Product analysis, 2002-08 36
Product analysis, 2008-14 38
Therapy area analysis 41
Geographic analysis 43
Launch/core/expiry analysis 46
Explanation of launch/core/expiry analysis 46
Launch analysis, 2008-14 47
Core analysis, 2008-14 48
Expiry analysis, 2008-14 49
Launch/core/expiry configuration, 2008-14 50
Molecule type analysis 51
Externalization analysis 54
Chapter 6 Company financials 57
Key findings 57
Reconciliation between PharmaVitae-formatted prescription pharma sales and company-reported total sales, 2002-08 58
Operating costs and profit analysis 59
Operating costs and profit analysis, 2002-08 60
Operating cost ratio and profit margin analysis, 2002-08 61
Operating cost ratio and profit margin analysis, 2008-14 62
Operating costs and profit analysis, 2008-14 63
Chapter 7 Key products and competitors 64
Key findings 64
Overview 65
Central nervous system 66
Avonex 66
Overview 66
Sales forecast 67
Avonex sales to decline as Tysabri cannibalizes sales and biosimilar versions and pipeline products come to market 68
Tysabri 69
Overview 69
Sales forecast 70
Safety scare 70
Re-launch 70
Two new confirmed cases of PML rocks initially strong 2008 Tysabri uptake 71
Physician enrollment and patient numbers have increased strongly with each month through to July 2008 71
Long-term growth hinges on the incidence and management of new PML cases 71
Panaclar 73
Overview 73
Sales forecast 74
Phase III study fully enrolled with results expected for late 2011 74
Phase IIb results significantly reduced brain lesions in patients with multiple sclerosis 74
Oral dosing advantage offset by three times daily dosing regimen required to obtain efficacy 75
Biogen Idec’s experience in the multiple sclerosis market is critical to future marketing of Panaclar 75
Datamonitor recommends Panaclar’s use as adjunctive therapy 75
Oncology 77
Rituxan royalties 77
Overview 77
Sales forecast 78
Competitive threats to future sales growth 79
Appendix 80
References 80
Datamonitor reports 80
Abbreviations 80
About Datamonitor 82
About Datamonitor Healthcare 82
Datamonitor consulting 82
Disclaimer 84

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