Boat Paris Will Be A Magical Experience!

River cruises can be the most mesmerizing experience for mere mortals. Coupled with the charm and beauty of the French capital, when explored via river Seine on bateau à paris is going to be the experience of a life time.

A cruise along the river Seine offers a lot of thrill and excitement. Not to forget the natural abundance of romance in the air that is enhanced by the sights and sounds of the river. River Seine is the second longest waterway in France. People who tour the city get mesmerized when they find out how otherworldly from rental houseboats Paris skies appear at night. The reason of its popularity as a great cruising spot is the fact that it is set alongside numerous monuments and must watch places. It passes through many worth seeing places like Corbeil, Mantes, Melun, Paris, Rouen and Troyes.

Your journey will most likely start from the Les Andelys village, which overlooks the river. After the said fishing village, your next stop will be the town Vernon, offering several monuments to visit. If you are an art lover, the first one you would surely visit will be the well known museum featuring the various world famous artworks of the renowned artist Monet. You could also visit the well kept residence of the famous painter and revere about the various musings he would have had there. When you leave the town, your subsequent stopover will be Mantes where you will spend the evening after being treated with sumptuous French cuisine on board.

Mantes also offers great attractions to tourists. They include the famous Notre Dame Cathedral from the 12th century. The woodwind manufacturing facility is also a tourist attraction. Mantes was picked by King Louis XIV as the construction centre for musical instruments and is still famous for manufacturing various musical instruments.

Once you are back on board, you will experience French hospitality with wine and liquor followed by scrumptious French cuisine. The next morning your cruise will head to Poissy and Conflans St. Honorine. This is where the River Seine intersects with River Oise. The Navigation museum and the town local market include worth mentioning tourist attractions.

Once you have explored the town, the cruise may take you to Ile des Impressionists and the Maison Fournaise where you may spend the night. You will then continue towards Melun, which house different attractions like clubs and churches. The cruise will finally head to St. Mammes. There the river cruise will be concluded with night time festivities on board.

It is going to be a great experience. Having explored the city on boat Paris will take your breath away. This will be a trip where the beauty of the river, the lovely skies and the love and music in the air will be your companions. While the first timers will fall in love with it, those who have done it before will never have enough of a Paris cruise.

So while in louer peniche Paris and go sightseeing. On boat Paris will be a magical experience! For more visit

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