Boat Rental Conditions In Paris

Boats in Paris are a source of great attraction. Gone are the days of the traditional, costlier and sophisticated ways of staying up in the hotels. If you are on a family vacation trip and is looking for adventure and fun, then renting up a peniche de paris or rental house boat in Paris is the perfect choice. This option also works if somebody is looking for a some what cheap location to stay but could not find any. Cruising on the Seine River enables you to enjoy some of the best moments in life right in the middle of Paris. Living or staying up on a boat is an altogether different experience. If you are looking for some rental Paris boats or rental Paris Barge you are sure to find a reasonable one. Some of the people have converted their boats into houseboats for rental purposes. Therefore, it is easier to find a rental houseboat in Paris. When you start looking for the rental boats in Paris, you will find some general conditions and descriptions.

First you’ll be given information about the complete description of the boat such as the boat can accommodate up to this number of persons traveling together, the number of cabins that are designed in the ship. Mostly there are two cabins separately designed in the boat so as to maintain privacy. In your course of travel you will be provided with the comfortable chairs, couch and open kitchen, together to enjoy.

A description of the luxuries provided will also be notified such as that the boat is equipped with high speed computer modem, cable TV, telephone, washing machine, and very comfortable central heating to further attract the customer.
The person lending the boat will inform you about the length of the rental period. It is usually about three nights and a maximum of a six nights for medium sized boats in Paris. However, depending upon your requirements and the length of the stay you can ask the lender for an extension. The rate conditions normally depend upon the market rates and the luxury provided. The nominal rates are up to 300 Euros. The weekends are higher and if the boat is providing certain complimentary services the rates may even go higher.

Once you have decided on hiring a rental boat, or a rental barge Paris, you are usually required to fill up a rental form. This rental form is a source of verification the rental deal. This form registers your arrival date, the departure date and the number of persons that would be traveling on the boat. The rental form provides you with the reservation of the boat, barge or houseboat that you have rented. As Paris is a busy tourist spot, most of the cruising reservations are made in advance. In case of the cancellation of the tour, there are certain formalities to be fulfilled. Some companies have the policy of refunding the rental money. But they do not return the initial deposit fee made for the rental purpose. paris croisiere.

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