Bob Jones On Where Jamie-Lee Ross Should Go

Bob Jones On Where Jamie-Lee Ross Should Go 3

Pundit, Knight, Author and Property investment supreme Sir Robert Jones has launched a blog to poke fun at a world “gone mad with political correctness”.

His initial entry provides some advice for politician Jamie-Lee Ross, who Sir Robert castigates and notes that MP Sarah Dowie’s text that is the subject of police investigation is a ‘preposterous’ situation and is akin to what ‘every 13 year old girl says to their mother’ at some time without a Police complaint to follow.

He suggests Jamie-Lee Ross shifts to Australia to commence work as a house salesman or similar or commence a political party catering to the increasingly popular ‘non-hetereosexual community’ with its increasing diversity.

Coming Soon: Sir Robert Jones on Mike Bungay & Unusual Legal Marketing Tactics

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