Britney’s Civil Rights Claims’ Now Take Her Free Time

A return to normalcy is threatened by Britney Spears’ new lawyer, which is itself as surprising as Bart Simpson winning the presidency. Jon Eardley is a lawyer practising in Washington DC and elsewhere and who claims the starlet has been deprived of her constitutional rights. And so he’s filed a complaint relating to her latest incarceration.

“These are issues of confinement. Very serious confinement. Not allowed to contact her friends. Not allowed to use the phone. Not allowed to come and go as you please. Bodyguards controlling you and so forth,” the lawyer told PEOPLE. Spears’s father Jamie was granted temporary conservatorship – allowing legal control of his daughter’s well-being and finances – after Spears was placed under an involuntary, emergency hold at the UCLA Medical Center’s psychiatric ward late last month. Legal experts predict doom for the claim.

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