Bulls Fan Mike Axelrod Wants Public Apology from Antonio an…

Bulls Fan Mike Axelrod Wants Public Apology from Antonio and Kendra Davis

Letter Has Been Drafted to the Couple from Axelrod’s Attorney

CHICAGO, Jan. 20 – LAWFUEL – The Law News Network –

Letter from Chicago Attorney, Jay Paul Deratany (Partner, Deratany &

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Davis,

As you know, I represent Mike Axelrod relative to the incident which
occurred Wednesday evening at the United Center during the game between the
Chicago Bulls and the New York Knicks.

(Photo: http://www.newscom.com/cgi-bin/prnh/20060120/CGF021 )
Like all Bulls fans, Mike had the sole intent of enjoying the Bulls game
and did not want or expect to be harassed or touched. More importantly,
however, he did not want to be accused later of “being intoxicated” or
inappropriately touching Mrs. Davis, when this is not true, and which has been
corroborated by several witnesses and videotapes of the event.

It is for this reason that Mike felt that he had to clear his name and
state his version of the incident to the media. No fan, who is mindfully
watching a game, would like to have his name tarnished to his family, friends
and the public, with statements which are untrue and defamatory. No fan wants
to be intimidated while watching a basketball game.

Mike and the Axelrod family respect your skills as an athlete and share
your love and passion for the game of basketball. They would rather move on
from this incident, as I am sure you and your family would prefer.

It is with this in mind, that we make the offer to resolve any differences
without the filing of a lawsuit, if you would issue a public apology, making
it clear that Mike was not intoxicated and did not inappropriately touch
anyone. We would also ask that you make a donation to an agreed upon charity
that advocates against violence toward women and children.

I am hopeful that you will forward this on to your attorney, or
spokesperson, and the Axelrod family is hopeful that this offer of resolution
can put an end to the matter.

We would think that this will send a positive message and that all fans
and players can have a civil and respectful relationship.

Jay Paul Deratany

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