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The use of hormones in weight loss has been little explained but it plays a fundamental role in weight loss, as Susie Whitney explains in her new blog – BurnFatPlan

Fat burning “breakthroughs” are a dime a dozen. New programs emerge as quickly as new food products put on supermarket shelves to tempt us.
Well, lead us not into temptation. The key to a lot of this, in my view after going through literally dozens of these so-called fat burning programs, is in part with hormone control.
There really are literally fat burning hormones and if you know how they work and how to control them you really can lose weight by burning fat. I know it sounds kind of weird and even ‘science fiction’, but this really is science fact. These are Fat Facts, if you like.
For instance, consider these facts:
1. Long-term studies show that up to two-thirds of weight lost through dieting is regained within one year of the completion of the diet and nearly all weight is regained within five years.
2. Low calorie diets can work worst in many ways because low-calorie food can slow your body’s fat burning activity and actually work to prevent weight loss. The body ‘senses’ that you are taking in fewer calories.
3. High levels of insulin may contribute to your weight problem because insulin, as a blood sugar regulator, pumps out excessive amounts when it is trying to reduce high blood sugar resulting from a high carbo, low protein diet. So you gain weight and your body will actually become resistant to insulin and to fat loss.
4. High insulin also increases the secretion by the body of a stress hormone called cortisol, which can create a drop in yet another hormone, DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone). DHEA helps to increase muscles, which is needed to burn fat.
5. And then there’s leptin, produced by body fat and which tells the body when and when not to eat. The brain needs to record that it is receiving the right messages and that fat cells do not send out ‘unnecessary’ messages.
6. A low carb diet can also mean you reduce energy and become both sluggish and depressed while the well known weight loss programs out there can work but take a significant period of time and involve the purchase of expensive meals.

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