Is Working to Change Employee’s Poor Healthcare Habits writers spend the majority of their time working in front of computers and we know the potentials problems that this can cause. Some of the problems caused by sitting at a desk all day include becoming overweight, getting used to a passive lifestyle, a lack of energy and the big one, eye problems. In an effort to prevent these problems before they begin is encouraging its employees to have regular thorough medical examinations. We are also going to be purchasing special eye glasses that protect eyes from computer radiation for all employees who need them. Another measure we are taking is giving instructions in ways to be healthy while working in front of a computer screen every day, such things as using isometrics and setting up your equipment the best possible way for better health. is concerned about the health risks that our writers face and we are doing something about this. It is important to be vigilant about health issues when you work in a sedentary environment. There are steps that we are helping our employees to learn to avert some of the potential health problems associated with working in an office. We are all working together to remind each other of the necessity of keeping up with regular physicals, eye exams and dentist visits too.

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