Promoting Calm and Creativity through Green Spaces

We have been making numerous changes at in order to provide our staff with a healthier environment. One of the major changes that we are embarking on involves arranging green spaces in our office. The green spaces that we are creating will promote calm, help with creative thinking and provide for a stress free environment. writers constantly work under fixed (and often harsh) deadlines which can create a lot of psychological stress and we are hoping to relieve some of this with lots of plants and rare flowers. We are designing our green space using peace lilies and English ivy along with various other flowers. English ivy can actually help to fight colds by boosting the humidity in the office. Another plant that we are using in our design is the Chinese evergreen which has been proven to fight stress.

Employees of are very enthusiastic about the new green spaces that we are creating and have actually helped in researching which plants are the most beneficial and which plants can go together. We are all learning a lot more about flowers and indoor plants than we knew before. is genuinely concerned with reducing the stress of creating custom papers on constant deadlines and we think that the new plants will be a great start in becoming healthier.

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