Business Law – Belmont Partners to Host Sarbanes-Oxley Webinar

WASHINGTON, Va.–LAWFUEL – The Business Lawwire –Belmont Partners announced today the hosting of an upcoming APS webinar, “SOX Compliance: Using Sarbanes-Oxley to Your Advantage.” The January 17, 2008 webinar, will analyze the recent Sarbanes-Oxley regulatory changes affecting small cap companies and offer effective cost-saving strategies for complying with SOX in today’s environment. Live discussions will be led by Ali Talaie of CEBOS Ltd., Robert Coursey of Mueller & Co., and Lance Jon Kimmel of SEC Law Firm.

Joseph Meuse, Managing Partner of Belmont Partners stated, “The requirements created by Sarbanes-Oxley compliance are extensive and many smaller companies have struggled to implement proper internal control procedures. This webinar will assist small cap companies to not only meet the operational challenges of SOX compliance, but will also provide practical strategies to significantly improve business infrastructure and develop a competitive edge in the marketplace.”

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