Cable Fault Locator Ideal for HFC Systems

Toronto, Canada – GAO Fiber Optics ( recommends this handheld cable fault locator which uses TDR technology and tests for line breaks and short circuit faults in twisted-pair cables, data cables, high frequency cables and coaxial cables. This cable fault locator is ideally suitable for use in HFC systems and applications such as electric wire and cable manufacturing. It has been widely used to locate and reveal cable damage, tie-in dampness and terminal impedance failure.
GAO Fiber Optics’ portable cable fault locator, model 600, accurately locates cable faults for the purpose of both pre-location and pinpointing. It is able to test 25ohm, 50ohm, 75ohm and 100ohm impedance cable and provides an electronic map relevant to time domain. This cable fault locater features a high definition backlit LCD screen, is highly automated and simple to operate, and has a small test blind zone, as well as, a comparison test function. The portable and rugged fault locator supports a minimum test range of 2,000m for line short testing and 8,000m for line break testing. Additionally, it has a pulse width from 270ns and 5.6µm and a wave range from 50m/µs to 300m/µs.
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