Can Ron Paul’s Fundraising Success Lead To A Super Tuesday Win?

LawFuel – The blogs and newssites are somewhat amazed that a 72 year old Texan congressman espousing reduced government spending – indeed, reduced government generally – was also officially the most successful Republican fundraiser in the last quarter of 2007.

Ron Paul’s easy win over his rivals in the fundraising stakes was a total of almost $20 million and he still has nearly $8 million in hand.

More money has come in since – something over $4 million – and Ron Paul’s army of supporters continue to ensure he’s flush with cash, much more so than his current and former Republican rivals.

The question now is whether Ron Paul can move from the social media sites to the mainstream media. To do so requires success in Super Tuesday’s primaries, but the fact that Ron Paul has survived several Republican rivals is testament to both his convictions and his supporters.

Paul has also done well in some little-noticed state caucuses including his second-place finisher to Romney in the Nevada caucuses

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