Carbon-Zero Grand Prix – UK Law Firm Appointed – Eversheds

Eversheds appointed to advise on world’s first zero-carbon Grand Prix
International law firm Eversheds has been appointed to advise TTXGP Ltd, which is running the world’s first zero-carbon Grand Prix, on the famous Isle of Man TT circuit in June 2009.

This innovative Grand Prix will set the benchmark in zero-carbon racing excellence and is already proving to be a stimulus for the development of green technology, with the launch of the TTX01, the world’s fastest road legal clean emissions bike. Eversheds is one of the leading players in the Clean Energy and Sustainability field and the project represents another high-profile appointment.

Eversheds is advising TTXGP on all aspects of the race, including sponsorship, staging, merchandising, and broadcast rights. The work will be led by IP/media partner Phil Sherrell and associate Neil Mohring.
Phil Sherrell said:

“TTXGP is about competitive innovation, and we are proud to be advising TTXGP on the world’s first zero-carbon green Grand Prix, showcasing our IP and sustainable development expertise.”

Azhar Hussain, TTXGP Founder, commented:

“With the TTXGP still in its inaugural year, we’re already seeing incredible advances in zero-carbon transport technology. The race is drawing interest from all over the world and is serving to bring these technologies into public awareness.”

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