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CHICAGO and LONDON, May 2, 2005 – LAWFUEL – The Law News Network – Among the biggest issues facing online advertisers today is trademark infringement. Unfortunately, most advertisers are unaware of its frequency and consequences; those who are aware of this problem struggle to keep pace with it. For all search marketers the stakes are high, as trademark infringement drives advertising rates upwards and makes it more difficult for interested customers to find the companies and products they’re looking for. In response, AdGooroo, a leading competitive intelligence company, has launched a new service designed to easily identify and report trademark infringement.

Online trademark infringement is the act of using search keywords that specifically target another company’s brand to generate online traffic. “Trademark infringement isn’t always done with malicious intent,” says Richard Stokes, president of AdGooroo, LLC ( “Advertisers often add brand name keywords to their campaigns because they are generated by keyword finders that can’t tell the difference.” Whether the infringement is intentional or not, companies have a strong incentive to ensure that others are not targeting their brand names.

Services like AdGooroo will not completely eradicate
trademark infringement, but they are the industry’s most powerful weapon against it. AdGooroo’s trademark monitoring service also provides daily email alerts, executive summaries, detailed infringement incident reports and automated complaint letters, freeing up advertisers to do more productive tasks as well as providing more accurate results.

Until recently, the only way to spot trademark infringement
was to manually click through result pages on the search engines. “When we began developing AdGooroo, we discovered that the top reason online advertisers weren’t actively defending their trademarks was because of the daily time and attention advertisers needed to spend looking for infringing advertisements,” said Stokes. “We felt that if we could apply our technology to eliminate the most time-consuming part of the job, it would make an across-the-board positive impact.”

AdGooroo will also automatically generate the paperwork that must be submitted to the search engines in order to have offending ads pulled. Stokes concluded, “We didn’t stop with merely identifying trademark infringement; we wanted to remove as many hurdles as possible. So we extended the service to automatically generate trademark complaint forms ready for signing and faxing. Online advertisers can now easily and affordably police their own trademarks.”

About AdGooroo

AdGooroo’s proprietary technology continuously monitors the search engines, tracking all competitors in any given industry. AdGooroo empowers search engine advertisers with keyword research, trademark infringement monitoring, historical ad archives, and advertising insight.


Richard Stokes
AdGooroo, LLC
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