CHICAGO, Oct. 25, 2004 LAWFUEL – Law, legal technology, attorney,…

CHICAGO, Oct. 25, 2004 LAWFUEL – Law, legal technology, attorney, law firm
— Tripoint Systems Development
Corporation announced the release of DI/SQL(TM), an
infrastructure enhancement to DirectInvoice(TM), the
company’s industry-leading Strategic Cost Management and
e-invoicing system.

DI/SQL(TM) is an SQL-based database backend to
DirectInvoice(TM). It provides improved data storage and
reporting capabilities that further leverage the
unparalleled features of DirectInvoice(TM). This new version
was beta tested for the past nine months by some of
Tripoint’s marquis customers and has performed far beyond
expectations. The company is in the process of migrating
existing DirectInvoice(TM) customers to the new platform.

“DI/SQL(TM) represents another Tripoint breakthrough,” said
Ranji Ragbeer, Tripoint’s President & CEO. “With this new
release, we are showing once again that we are committed to
providing our customers with continuous improvement by
delivering products that will leverage ‘best-in-class’
technologies. Our goal is to provide a system that is
focused on customer needs, not any particular infrastructure
technology.” DI/SQL(TM) is fully integrated with the entire
DirectInvoice(TM) product suite, which includes components
based on other industry leading technologies for workflow,
security and data management, including IBM’s
industry-leading WebSeal(R) platform for security and access

Tripoint simultaneously announced the release of
PowerVue(TM), a new query and analysis tool based on
DI/SQL(TM). PowerVue(TM) is the first truly ad hoc
e-invoicing query and analysis tool for end users and
requires no programmer intervention. End users can now
create, save and share their own reports and charts without
expensive and time-consuming delays associated with
programmer assistance.

About Tripoint Systems Development Corporation

Founded in 1997, Chicago-based Tripoint Systems Development
Corporation is a leading developer and provider of legal
industry extranets for client and outside counsel
collaboration. Tripoint Systems was the first company to
introduce browser-based matter management software to the
legal industry with the launch of SmartCounsel(TM) Extranet
Desktop in 1997. The company’s DirectInvoice(TM) electronic
invoicing and SmartCounsel(TM) matter management systems are
deployed to thousands of users across four continents. For
additional information, go to, or
call 312-345-0505.


Erin Sutter
Tripoint Systems Development Corporation
[email protected]

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