Tips For Choosing A Quality Bankruptcy Attorney

how to find a good bankruptcy attorney

how to find a good bankruptcy Best Law Firm Newswire & Marketing Site – The decision to file for bankruptcy is a tough choice, which makes hiring a knowledgeable attorney with a high success rate imperative. Check out these tips for finding the best attorney for your needs:

1. Check that Your Attorney is Certified

It’s no secret that everyone wants an attorney who is highly professional, but how do you go about researching a lawyer’s credentials? A good way to see if your attorney is legitimate is to visit your state bar’s website to ensure certification. Most states feature special certification just for bankruptcy. Certification means the person or firm has practiced law for a specified time period, is well versed in bankruptcy cases, and has passed a written test on bankruptcy practices.

Associations and credentials are a form of insurance, meaning your lawyer will know what to do in the event of proverbial case speed bumps.

2. Arrange a Meeting

Once you have narrowed down your choices, visit the websites of your potential attorneys. Any quality firm will feature downloadable forms on their sites for determining if you qualify for bankruptcy. Once the forms have been completed, arrange a few meetings. Speaking with multiple attorneys gives you the chance to gauge compatibility and how comfortable you feel. Bring any relevant forms and write out questions you’d like answered.

3. Look for an Attorney Who Is Passionate and Caring

Be on the lookout for three qualities when meeting with your chosen set of lawyers. First, you’ll want someone who discusses alternate resolutions. Any ethical attorney will talk about numerous options other than what you have chosen, such as filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy or going ahead with a creditor’s formal debt repayment plan.

The next attribute to look for is someone who displays an obvious passion for what they do. Talk about why the person chose to pursue bankruptcy law, and why they find the practice so rewarding. You wouldn’t choose a blasé surgeon or dentist, so why would you pick an indifferent lawyer?

Finally, you’ll want someone who shows true empathy and a willingness to ask the tough questions. Any quality lawyer will understand the decision to file for bankruptcy is often a painful one, so it’s best to hire someone who wants to know how you came to the decision and isn’t afraid to ask probing questions.

4. Make Sure You Aren’t Paying Too Much (Or Too Little)

It’s also important to hire an attorney whose fees are on point with service provided. Cost varies according to case complexity and location, with most bankruptcy procedures ranging anywhere from $800 to $2,500. Avoid low-rate “bankruptcy mills” who churn out cases at a high rate and are likely to stick you with a legal assistant rather than a lawyer. Don’t assume you’ll get a quality lawyer simply because of a high rate, either. Fees are determined by the market, and are sometimes set by the court. This means you can hire a quality lawyer for the same price as a novice.

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Finding the right person who fits the above descriptions is worth the time and research, and will help you move forward with your life. Contact the experts at DeLuca and Associates to speak with a qualified and experienced bankruptcy attorney.

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