Client Reviews: Your staff’s role in generating positive reviews


Many law firms take a passive role in Online Reputation versus an active one. An active role in Online Reputation Management introduces the concept of increased employee awareness of customer experience.

Most business owners aren’t face to face with the customers providing the memorable experience while delivering legal representation, usually an employee is acting as the face of the company during fulfillment.

Sometimes appearing Attorneys, Paralegals and other staff provide the only interaction with the clients. This needs to be taken into consideration when trying to improve Online Reputation, as it starts with being mindful about providing high quality customer experiences worth sharing about on the internet.

Most business owners aren’t aware that most consumers are willing to share their experience online about an employee who provided a memorable experience, than the outcome of their case. Many business owners also don’t incentivize employee’s to earn good reviews for the business.

It’s important to recognize who interacts with the people capable of sharing an experience and then motivate them accordingly to provide a memorable experience.

That memorable experience should be reproduced over and over, so this superstar employee finds themselves generating lots of reviews, and perhaps even a little extra bonus for themselves.

Also worth mentioning, most review generating platforms lack the proper stimuli to remind the consumers about the employee who provided such an amazing experience. Most platforms represent some type of survey which only has a business name attached, without the name of any employee(s) that were involved.

This is not adequate in most cases and will not convert Online Reviews as well as other best practiced methods within the industry.
Which review sites are the most important for Attorneys? Make sure your staff are aware:


Contributor Information:
Curtis Boyd, CEO and Founder of Future Solutions Media. A Los Angeles Based Digital Agency that specializes in Online Reputation Management.

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