Clinton Offers Lie Detector Test, Affidavit to Disprove Allegati…

Clinton Offers Lie Detector Test, Affidavit to Disprove Allegations

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Oct. 16 /PRNewswire/ — In response to what Ronnie
Berke describes as irresponsible and inexplicable allegations by country
music star Sara Evans, Alison Clinton has categorically rejected the sad,
unlawful and despicable attempt by Evans to assign part of the blame for
her broken marriage on an alleged affair with Evans’ husband Craig

Prior to Evans’ false accusations she had been a contestant on ABC’s
hit show Dancing With The Stars. And prior to the accusations Clinton had
long-considered Evans a dear friend, as well as an employer. Evans even
served as Clinton’s matron of honor at her July 1st wedding.

Clinton has hired Ronnie Berke, Past President of the Tennessee Trial
Lawyers Association, to prosecute her interests.
Clinton served as a nanny for Evans and Schelske several years ago and
stopped in 2004, due to an eating disorder. Because of their friendship and
Clinton’s commitment to preventing others from suffering from anoxeria
Evans signed on as an ambassador for the National Eating Disorders
Association. After treatment for her illness, Evans rehired Clinton as her
personal assistant and co-president of Evans’ fan club. Evans even
encouraged Clinton to enter the country music world as a singer.

According to Clinton, after hearing her demo, Evans pledged that
Clinton would be a back-up singer and dancer when the country music star
returned to the road in December. Furthermore, Evans had spoken to Clinton about being her and her brother’s first artist with their new country music production company.

Clinton married her long-time boyfriend three months ago, at which
Evans was the matron of honor and her children were the flower girls and
ring bearer. Mr. Schelske was a groomsman.

Besides committing herself to educating others about the dangers of
eating disorders Clinton has also spent substantial time as a volunteer for Special Olympics.
Clinton has said she will sign an affidavit disavowing the allegation,
as well as take a lie detector test. Earlier today her attorney sent a
tersely written letter to Evans’ lawyer, demanding a public retraction.

“I am crushed. I though Sarah was my friend. I have never been anything
but loyal to her and her family. I cannot understand this but now I am
forced clear my name in order to preserve the best possible future for me
and my family,” Clinton said.

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