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Close-Up TV Starts Service Focused on Lawyers and Law Firms

MELVILLE, N.Y., July 23, 2013 Best Law Firm Newswire Service –– Close Up TV News has long been a strong player in TV advertising and video production. However, Close Up TV News has been searching for the best and most effective way to reach out to the potential clients housed in the law industry. The unique demands of law firms make it difficult for them to benefit from Close Up TV News’s typical offerings, as it is hard to come on and be interviewed when many of your cases are confidential or closed books while still in process. Close Up TV News recognizes this difficulty. Because of this, Close Up TV News has decided to begin a service dedicated to working with lawyers and top law firms.

When he was asked about the new division of the company, Close Up TV News’s Director of Operations had this to say: “We here at Close Up TV News have always made it a point to customize our offerings whenever possible to better suit the needs of our clients. We saw the need for a better service to supply the law industry, and have taken steps to ensure the quality of our work in that field.” Law firms will greatly benefit from the work that Close Up TV News is able to do for them.

Dubbed Today’s Esquire, the new division of Close Up TV News will focus on supplying law firms with the highest quality video production services, ranging from advertising and commercials to high definition video case briefs and documentary-style evidence compilations that can be used in the courtroom itself. Close Up TV News‘s dedication to producing only the highest quality videos will allow law firms to supply jurors and potential clients with high definition video, summing up the case or the services available through attractive and engaging means.

Regardless of the size or specialization of the law firm, Close Up TV News and Today’s Esquire hope that they will see the clear benefits of working with Close Up TV News for all of their video needs. Whether it is a traffic attorney, defense attorney, or someone who works in real estate closings, Close Up TV News has the resources to provide excellent work and even better videos to anyone who hires them.

Close Up TV News’s Director of Operations remains heavily optimistic about the course the new division will take: “One of the best things about the Today’s Esquire division of Close Up TV News is that we aim to work collaboratively with your firm. The goal of Close Up TV News in this capacity is not to replace whatever your current advertising plan is. Instead, we want to augment what you already have going, and improve the quality of any video you currently employ.” Today’s Esquire hopes to provide a clean, professional experience to its clients and help potential employers of their clients recognize the potential and professional attitude that each law firm brings to the table. Close Up TV News can be instrumental in expanding the business of its clients in the legal field.

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