Law Firm Diversity – Coca Cola Demands Diversity For Its Law Firms

Coca-Cola said it will require diversity among law firms who bill it for work in the United States — and reduce payments if they don’t comply.

The Atlanta-based beverage giant’s general counsel, a recent hire from the top ranks of Ford, disclosed the changes in a letter Thursday to law firms the company uses.

“Quite simply, we are no longer interested in discussing motivations, programs, or excuses for little to no progress — it’s the results that we are demanding and will measure going forward,” Bradley Gayton wrote.

And he told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he hopes other major companies make similar moves to “change the trajectory” of diversity in the field.

The specific targets and penalties come after many Fortune 500 companies pledged to address racial inequality more aggressively in the wake of last year’s widespread Black Lives Matter protests.

Source: Seattle Times

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