Come Experience The New Feeling With Paris Boats

Paris the capital city of France and is located on river Seine. Hence it makes an excellent place for tourist attraction as it falls nowhere behind when we talk about some of the most beautiful sightseeing of river. Interestingly even today the city southern and Northern sides are referred to as Right bank and Left Bank respectively. The most prominent bateaux paris to offer such a pleasure are the Vedettes du Pont-Neuf, Compagnie des Bateaux-Mouches, and Bateaux Parisians. The sight seers can enjoy the beautiful scenes which are available at night time as well as daytime. While tourists are busy with the views of quays they also have the option of lunch or dinner by the cruisers which are a little expensive.

Ourcq Canals and the St-Martin are also a source of great interest with the tourists who utilize the proffered services of the Paris Canal, Canauxrama boats which traverse the city northeastwards. For the sightseers who want to have a feel of the good old days with little burden on their pockets La Coda proves to be the best option. The boat is of 19th century and is renovated to meet the requirements of a comfortable cruise along the Marne and also the St-Martin Canal. Moreover the half day and full day option of the cruise for 2-6 members proves to be easy on both time and money.

The oldest cruise that Paris has to offer is by the La Compagnie des Bateaux-Mouches. The modern boat finds great popularity with the tourists and the cruise also offers its tourists the information on the sights visited in different languages. The summer cruises are more frequent than the winter cruises and are usually an hour long. The Bateaux starts from across the Seine from the Eiffel Tower. Jeanne Moreau, Isabelle Adjan and Catherine Deneuve provide the passengers with personal headphones that translate the beautiful sceneries to them in different languages. They have a capacity for over 600 passengers. The boat starts from the right of the Eiffel tower while facing the Seine. For the more romantic at heart Paris has to offer Vedettes de Paris which is a vintage boat and is popular for its theme cruises.

The peniche paris is quite another thing when it comes to sightseeing experiences. They usually have the capacity of carrying 6-12 passengers and take shorter time to reach destinations than cars. What is more advantageous is the fact that as one travels the canals of Paris it provides beautiful scenic views of the villages that it crosses. La Renaissance is the barge that is converted from cargo to hotel and offers its customers the luxury of a dining area, a saloon, the sitting area and the cabins with extended ones named the staterooms. The Barge is all about the slow intoxicating affect of the scenes that Paris is so popular about. As the Barge moves along the canal the passenger has the feeling of being drifted amongst clouds which open up one by one to reveal eye soothing scenic beauty that one drinks in slowly and lustily.

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