Company offers marketing and public relations services, from ghostwr…

Company offers marketing and public relations services, from ghostwriting books to designing websites, for attorneys across the country

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif.- LAWFUEL – Legal Marketing News –Marketing-phobic attorneys around the country can now put their fears aside and simply visit the attorney-friendly legal marketing website,, to take care of marketing and public relations needs.

Legal Brand Marketing, LLC, the country’s preeminent legal marketing company, launches the website with lawyers’ bottom lines in mind. The company, which was once known as 1800DUILAWS, specializes in helping attorneys across the country grow their businesses through the use of marketing and public relations.

“Attorneys are brilliant people,” said Braden Pollock, founder of the company. “They’re also very busy. We help them with marketing and public relations because they don’t have time to deal with these things.”

The company has helped hundreds of attorneys across the country, and it does not appear that they will be slowing anytime soon. In fact, the need for legal marketing has increased exponentially over the past few years.

“We constantly get calls from attorneys needing our services,” said Pollock. “I think lawyers are starting to understand that there is a business side to running a law firm. It’s not all about the law.”

For the firms that are taking advantage of Legal Brand Marketing’s services, the investment is paying off big time.

“Investing in marketing has been outstanding for my law firm,” said Arizona defense attorney and Legal Brand Marketing client Scott Maasen. “Over the past two years I implemented ideas I got from Legal Brand Marketing, and I increased my yearly profits by more than $1 million. It’s astonishing to me.”

The company offers a variety of services for attorneys including website design, legal magazine publication, branding and press releases. In addition, they have experienced event planners, graphic designers and even an attorney on staff to assist attorneys increase client lists.

Everyone at Legal Brand Marketing has a specialty because Pollock wanted the firm to be a one-stop shop for attorneys. “We know how an attorney views a problem, and we know the best ways to tackle marketing problems for law firms,” Pollock said. “We cater to lawyers.”

In addition to building creative and effective websites and legal magazines, Legal Brand Marketing is well-known in the legal community for its website directories:,, and the newly-acquired These four affiliation websites feature drunk driving attorneys from across the country. Anyone accused of a DUI / DWI can peruse these websites for helpful information and for a qualified drunk driving lawyer in his or her area.

Overall, Pollock said, legal marketing should not be a headache for attorneys. “We want lawyers to relax and let us take care of marketing and public relations. It’s what we do; and we’re good.”

To have a marketing or public relations campaign designed for your law firm, visit

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