Is Creatively Arranging Green Spaces in Our Office

We have recently seen the studies that have revealed that creating green office space is a good way to promote a calm environment, relieve stress and bolster creative thinking. These are attributes that we at appreciate. Our staff work on fixed (and often harsh) deadlines, especially during the end of the semester and we can certainly use a space that is relaxing. We are creatively arranging green spaces that can act as little havens of respite. While trying to decide which rare flowers and plants to include we also discovered that some plants such as the Chinese evergreen can help lower blood pressure and relieve stress, exactly what we need. Another discovery was that English ivy can help reduce the change of catching a cold because it boosts the humidity in the area that it occupies. Who knew that plants had so many benefits in addition to looking good?

When we announced at that we would be creating green spaces so that we could have little spaces of calm and relaxation many of our staff contributed their own plants from their personal homes. The growing of our green spaces has become a special project that we have all enjoyed. We are also learning that the green spaces are a great place to take a few minutes to just go and relax and to think when you get stuck in a spot while writing, a short break and things become clearer. Our office has been truly enhanced by the addition of the plant life we have added to our family.

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