Will Have Support Representatives Who Can Converse in Asian Languages is encouraging some of our support representatives to learn Asian dialects because we want them to be able to help all of our customers in the best possible way. We know that our customers from the Near East to Japan will be more comfortable conversing in their native language and we are making an effort to be able to do this. Cultural differences and linguistic backgrounds are better understood by people who speak the same language and this is a gap we are hoping to overcome as well. will be funding courses for our support representatives to who want to become bilingual.

Although learning a new language is not always a simple task knows that we have several support representatives who are capable of becoming bilingual in a short period of time. We will be helping these representatives to achieve this goal because we want all of customer’s to be fully understood and using their native language is the best way to do it. We feel that both our customers and our representatives will benefit from this learning and we know our company will become more inclusive for all.

More information about our company and our recent events along with our pricing policies and available discounts can be found at or through our customer support service.

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