Covington & Burling and the international advisory firm Kissinger McLa…

Covington & Burling and the international advisory firm Kissinger McLarty Associates
announced a strategic alliance that will combine the expertise and resources
of both firms to offer comprehensive legal and business consulting services to
clients operating in the global economy.

Both firms are renowned for their significant international experience and
powerful legal and policy presences in Washington, New York, London, Brussels,
and other key business centers worldwide.

The alliance, which was unveiled on October 3 and has received coverage on CNBC’s Closing Bell program and in The Washington Post, Legal Times and The Lawyer legal affairs publication in London, will make the assets of each firm — attorneys, diplomats, negotiators, financiers, lobbyists, policy- and opinion-makers, and intelligence analysts with experience and resources in business and government communities — available to clients in need of support and advocacy in Washington and internationally. Specifically, Covington and KMA will coordinate legal and strategic efforts on clients’ antitrust, competition, public policy, intellectual property, regulatory, trade and dumping, investment dispute, national and homeland security, and investigative needs.

Stuart Eizenstat — head of Covington’s international practice and who previously served as Deputy Treasury Secretary, Under Secretary of State for Economic, Business & Agricultural Affairs, Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade and Ambassador to the European Union — will also join Kissinger McLarty Associates as a Senior Advisor to help coordinate the firms’ business strategies. Joining Eizenstat as a Senior Advisor to KMA will be Covington Of Counsel, David Marchick. Thomas “Mack” McLarty, president of Kissinger McLarty Associates along with principals Richard Fisher and Nelson Cunningham will serve as Senior Advisors to Covington & Burling.

“Any company with a regulatory problem, any company with ambitions to grow their business globally, any company thinking of investment opportunities anywhere in the world now has a Covington and KMA one-stop-shop for insight, analysis, advice, strategy and support,” said Mack McLarty, president of Kissinger McLarty Associates. “We are delighted to be aligning with one of the world’s premier law firms and to be able to work with Stuart Eizenstat, who we hold in the highest personal and professional regard.”

Stuart Eizenstat added, “It is a privilege for me to be associated once again with Kissinger McLarty, a group I’ve had ties with since the Clinton administration, and particularly with Henry Kissinger, whom I’ve admired and known for decades.”

Over the past year the two firms have collaborated on behalf of clients, providing seamless representation and counsel in the United States and abroad to best understand and solve problems. Both firms bring extensive knowledge of governments, political leaders, policies and business complexities around the world, and will rely on their now-expanded expertise to provide a broad base of support to companies that in the past might have used a series of
consultants to address international legal, regulatory, and commerce needs.

“The Covington-Kissinger McLarty alliance creates a highly efficient and effective means for addressing a broad range of legal and strategic business issues facing clients in the global market,” said Stuart Stock, chairman of Covington’s management committee. “The combined resources of our two firms will greatly benefit our collective group of clients, who require expert assistance in dealing with a wide variety of sophisticated strategic and legal

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