Writers Rock Halloween Overnight: Readings, Costumes, Scary Movies! will make Halloween an all-night event with dress-up, decorations, and treats. The scary readings and horror movies make it a original. staffers love all holidays. We’re equal opportunity celebrators. This year, with Halloween on Sunday, will simply extend the spooky festivities through the weekend. After all, writers and editors work around the clock, assisting customers with all sorts of writing projects. Why should they miss out on the ghoulish fun?

Although Halloween is a decidedly Celtic holiday, later absorbed into Christian tradition as the Feast of All-Hallows (or souls), the diverse workforce embraces it wholeheartedly. Our staffers, literally global in origin, (including entirely pumpkin-free locales), enthusiastically decorate their cubicles, and appear in costume. management even invites employees’ families to come trick-or-treating and partake of the ghastly steaming cauldron (dry ice helps). The silliness continues all night, along with a lot of hard work.

To keep the atmosphere intellectually stimulating, we are screening several movie versions of Dracula, as well as Night of the Living Dead, for stylistic comparison. Volunteers will read from favorite authors of the eerie, the inexplicable, and the unspeakable; e.g., Poe, Irving, Hawthorne, Bradbury, and of course, Lovecraft.

Here at we apply our own spin to all holidays, and exploit every event to broaden our horizons. You can find out more about our (sometimes-whacky) efforts at writer enrichment at

About Us: has been providing quality custom writing services online for enough years now to feel comfortable about intermittent goofiness. However, this quondam frivolity does not extend to your writing projects. Supporting you at every point along the process of creating a successful paper, thesis, or dissertation, is’s highest priority. Our professional writers can help you with any subject area, and any format, in a timely (one might say ‘uncanny’) fashion.

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