Will Use Gunning Fog Index to Improve Readability and Increase Clarity

Good writing is clear writing! So contended the publisher Robert Gunning in the 1950’s, and this is equally valid today. The Fog Index, which he developed to assess the readability of texts, has now been adapted to the evaluation of digital documents. will be adding the most modern version of Gunning index to our quality review process. The results should offer useful feedback to writers and encourage clarity.

It is all too easy for any writer to fall into the trap of needlessly complex sentences, caught up in their strong desire to explain a difficult idea. This leads to confusion and the possibility that the reader will miss the point. Getting an unambiguous score will help writers to choose simple words and straightforward sentence structures instead. Although the Gunning Fog Index is not perfect (it does not, for example, allow for the possibility that some multi-syllabic words are not ‘hard’ words, and there is some disagreement as to how subordinate clauses should be counted), it gives writers something very concrete with which to work

This is only the most recent of’s efforts to raise our quality review process to the top rank amongst custom online writing companies. You can read more about our internal assessment standards and all our services at

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