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SHEFFIELD, ENGLAND, Dec. 10, 2010 – Any business entity nowadays has to be able to reach their customers in an effective way. Companies that fail to do so suffer the consequences: lose their clients, generate negative reviews and negative impression from potential clients. But there are ways to prevent that.
One of the key factors of a successful customer care team is the personal approach to the customer. “One of the biggest problems with approaching the customers, is that for the individual their problem is unique and most important. But for the customer care representative any issue with any customer is something that he/she deals with on daily basis and can’t see the importance of the problem for the customer” – thoroughly explains Jennifer Burns, one of the head managers at the project.
That’s why it is important to embed the importance of every client and their problems into the conscious of the representatives. How can you do that? There is a number of techniques. One of them is role playing: it’s used during weekly customer care seminars organized by the RWC. The basic principle is easy – you have a certain scenario, for example of a particular issue that a certain customer care representative handled improperly. One of the staffers is “the customer” and the second one – “plays” the support team representative. While playing out the situation, “the customer” gets a sense of how it feels like to be mistreated.
Although such cases, of customer dissatisfaction, are not frequent with the, the seminars and exercises are held constantly, to keep the staff prepared. The employees feel a lot more comfortable dealing with customers and their problems since the technique has been implemented, which is proven by the increase in the customer satisfaction rates and poll results from the customer care team.
Such an innovative way of approaching the customers is something, that not a lot of companies use, although it costs practically nothing, and doesn’t take that much time. That’s why its important for any manager of a customer care department to be acquainted with peculiarities of such techniques – in order to increase efficiency of the corresponding department.
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