(Dallas) – 2 June – LAWFUEL – The Law News Network – Dallas attorney…

(Dallas) – 2 June – LAWFUEL – The Law News Network – Dallas attorney Rogge Dunn says lawyers win by going by the book, his book.

Using his years of legal experience, Mr. Dunn, a name partner in the firm Clouse Dunn Hirsch, has written a new manual to help attorneys entering the important discovery phase of a case.

“I know what it’s like in a courtroom,” Rogge says. “It’s the most aggressive and well-prepared lawyers who go in there and win. ‘Triple Threat Discovery Forms’ gives them that competitive edge.”

The Dallas lawyer’s latest volume contains a wide range of forms attorneys can use to make requests and ask challenging questions of the other side. There are client form letters covering deposition preparation, evidence preservation and attorney-client privilege. The book relates directly to employment, construction, personal injury and others areas of law.

“Triple Threat Discovery Forms” is the second book on trial strategy Mr. Dunn has written. The first, “Trial Objections,” dealt with techniques lawyers can use to get their evidence admitted, while limiting their opponents’ evidence. That book became one of the publisher’s top-sellers nationwide. Mr. Dunn is currently working on yet another book, and has also written more than 20 legal articles.

As a trial lawyer, Rogge Dunn has litigated complex business, employment, personal injury and insurance disputes across the country, winning more than $200 million in settlements and verdicts for his clients. He has twice been honored by D Magazine as one of the best lawyers in Dallas, and has been named a Texas Super Lawyer by Texas Monthly magazine three consecutive years. For 12 years, he served as an adjunct professor of law at Southern Methodist University.

Copies of “Triple Threat Discovery Forms” can be obtained by contacting James Publishing Company at 800.440.4780.

Clouse Dunn Hirsch is a Dallas law firm dedicated to assisting both individuals and corporations in business and employment disputes.

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