DARIEN, Conn., Feb. 8 2005 – LAWFUEL – The Law News…

DARIEN, Conn., Feb. 8 2005 – LAWFUEL – The Law News Network – “Circle Trust Company is aware of the investigation that has just been announced into Ardent Capital, a hedge fund owned by Northshore Asset Management, which is a shareholder of Circle Trust Company. While we have no first-hand knowledge of the investigation and Circle Trust is not a target of the investigation, we would like to reassure our clients, partners and employees that Northshore has no involvement in the day to day management or operations of Circle Trust and extensive controls are
in place,” Douglas Graham, Chairman and CEO of Circle Trust Co. said today.

“In fact a very active program has been in place for the last two months
reviewing all of our controls,” Graham said.

“We can reassure all clients and partners that their investments are not
impacted in any way by Ardent Capital and that Ardent has no direct
involvement with Circle Trust,” he added.

Circle Trust Company was established in 1995 and provides trust services
that include recordkeeping, custody, execution and asset management services
to banks, retirement funds, charities and individuals. They have over $8
billion in assets under administration and have clients throughout the nation.

Web Site: http://www.circletrust.com

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