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Dennemeyer & Co., a worldwide intellectual property (IP) solutions provider extends its business-to-business Electronic Exchange (eFiling) services to additional countries. EFiling services are now available for the trademark and patent offices in the European Union, Singapore and United Kingdom.

EFiling services provide IP professionals to conveniently file single or multiple records that are accurate, secure and compliant to each country and convention’s specific standards. Users now have the ability to gain extensive benefits in portfolio management:

– Improvement of speed, efficiency and cost-effectiveness
– Reliability and accuracy of administrative activity and exchange
– Reduction of troubleshooting and maintenance costs through automatic error alerts
– Capability and ease through importing and updating records
– Immediate availability and simple accessibility with a one-step configuration

As users demand greater capabilities to ensure accuracy in their portfolio management activities, Dennemeyer continues to provide leading-edge technology and solutions to the IP industry. John Bleyer, Dennemeyer”s Trademark Renewals Director, says, “This feature will enable users to enter the appropriate filing information only once. Without this service, users must enter data twice, once into their own system and again into the country or convention system. This saves significant time and cost and eliminates risk in the filing and renewal process.”
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About Dennemeyer
Since 1962 Dennemeyer has been delivering innovative IP solutions that empower organizations to optimize the creation, management and commercialization of intellectual assets. Through Dennemeyer’s Portfolio Services (Patent Annuities, Trademark Renewals and Domain Management), IAM Software and Solutions Consulting, clients gain a trusted partner in supporting the complete IP lifecycle. Dennemeyer’s Worldwide Intellectual Property Solutions assist companies to realize the full value of their IP through increased revenue, reduced costs and stronger competitive positioning. Dennemeyer maintains its global presence with offices in Amman, Chicago, Luxembourg, Paris, Reading, Stockport, Tokyo and Washington, D.C. For more information about eFiling and Dennemeyer products and services, including the recently released, DIAMS-XE, a web-based IP software that supports the full IP lifecycle, please visit .

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