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DENVER– LAWFUEL – The Law Jobs & Law Newswire –Denver-based management and technical consulting firm Luminate, LLC today expressed disappointment with the mixed result from its recent jury trial with Harris Group, Inc.

The defendants prevailed on five of Harris Group’s 10 claims.

On May 1, a Denver District Court jury returned a split decision on Harris Group’s claims. Harris Group had filed the lawsuit against Luminate, LLC and certain of its employees, who resigned from Harris Group in the spring of 2006 to form or join Luminate.

“The verdict, if upheld, represents a serious blow to free competition and would prevent entrepreneurial employees from planning to start a new business or to join a competitor while still working for their employer,” said Michael Robinson, Luminate’s president.

“The only clients who testified at trial testified on our behalf, and the facts at trial proved that we did not compete with Harris Group until we had resigned as Harris employees,” Robinson said.

“We are exploring all of our post-trial options, including an appeal,” Robinson added.

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