Detailed information regarding The Computer Forensics Show, February 5…

Detailed information regarding The Computer Forensics Show, February 5-6, 2008, at the Washington, DC Convention Center.

A number of organizations have already responded regarding speaking and exhibiting opportunities at The Computer Forensics Show, including:

FTI Consulting, Symantec, Getdata, Access Data, KPMG, United Forensics, Basis Technology Corp., The Norcross Group, ETG, Inc., ManTech Security and Mission Assurance, WetStone Technologies, Inc., Vadium Technology, Inc, GraniteEdge Networks, BDO Seidman, Grant Thornton, PWC, Document Technologies Inc, Kroll, Guidance, Information Week, The Homeland Defense Journal, Help Net Security, Dark Reading, CODE Magazine, (IN) Secure magazine, The National Institute of Justice (NIJ), ISACA: Serving IT Governance Professionals (, ITGI: Leading the IT Governance Community (, CERT, SEARCH, Cerias, The National Consortium for Justice Information and Statistics, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), US DOJ Computer Crimes Div., to name a few!

The projected show attendance is 2000+, and there will be three main conference tracks.

Conference Tracks:

Track 1. Will focus on lawyers and law firms and will address the issues that relate to what they need to know about the industry, and how computer forensics can help drive revenue for their practice.

Track 2. Is for IT Professionals, and that will have two components. One component, a general track, should have a broad appeal to companies that are not overly familiar with or who are just beginning to deal with computer forensics now. The second component will be specifically geared towards professionals within the IT community, and focuses on technology advances within the industry.

Track 3. Targets Forensic Accounting, and will encompass issues that relate mainly to in-house/corporate accountants.

Within those tracks there will be specific sessions for among other things, e-discovery, governmental issues-compliance, IT governance, litigation issues, forensic accounting, etc…

Several case studies will be presented for all three tracks including a special mock trial presented by FTI Consulting complete with attorneys and a judge.

Conference topics to be presented include:

· Accountant Malpractice Claims

· Arbitration

· Broker/Dealer Claims

· Civil Litigation

· Class Action Disputes

· Construction Solutions

· Corporate Bankruptcy

· Corporate Governance

· Corporate Risk and Security

· Criminal fraud and Deception Cases

· Employment, and Family Law Cases

· Cyber Forensics

· Damage Assessment

· Digital Law

· E-Discovery

· Employee Internet Abuse

· Environmental Litigation

· Financial Investigations and Forensic Accounting

· General Commercial Disputes

· Industrial Espionage

· Insurance Claims

· Intellectual Property Claims

· International Risk and Investigations

· Intrusion Detection

· IT Security and Compliance

· Lending and Derivatives

· Mergers & Acquisitions

· More General Criminal Cases

· Post-Acquisition Disputes

· Unauthorized Disclosure of Corporate Information

Attendee Titles:

· CIO’s
· IT Managers
· Law Firm Administrators
· Lawyers
· Legal Assistants
· Legal Marketing Directors
· Legal Technology Consultants
· Paralegals
· General Counsel
· Accountants
· VP/Director/Manager of IT Security
· Chairman/CEO/COO/President/Owner
· IS/MIS/Systems/Service Administrators
· Consultants
· Judges
· Engineer/Architect/Developer/Tech

There are a number of magazines and journals that will be supporting the show. One of the show sponsors, (IN) Secure Magazine has offered to have one or more pod casts with several of the speakers that will be presenting at the show. Another sponsor, The Homeland Defense Journal, has offered to publish a white paper on Computer Forensics that would include interviews with speakers that have relevant topics to their readership. They would then publish the report and market that to their subscribers.

Please see the website at:

Speakers will include:

Chet Hosmer, Senior Vice President and Chief Scientist
WetStone Technologies, Inc

Ken Koch, Director, Forensic Services

Jeremy Wunsch, CEO
LuciData Inc.

Martin Novak
The National Institute of Justice

Ernesto F. Rojas CISSP, FACFE
President & CEO
Forensic and Security Services, Inc.

Stephanie Giammarco, Director of e-Discovery and Computer Forensics
BDO Seidman, LLP

Jim Lyle and Doug White
The National Institute of Standards and Technology

Jason Park, CCE; ISFCE
The MD5Group

John Ashley
First Advantage Litigation Consulting

Dave Kleiman
Document Technologies, Inc

John Lainhart

Todd Shipley
Director, Training Services
SEARCH, The National Consortium for Justice Information and Statistics

Dr. Brian Carrier
Director of Digital Forensics
Basis Technology

Peter S. Tippett, CTO

Philip Craiger, Ph.D.
Assistant Director for Digital Evidence
National Center for Forensic Science &
Department of Engineering Technology
University of Central Florida

Greg Freemyer, Chief Technology Officer
The Norcross Group

Alan Brill, Senior Managing Director

Richard P. Mislan
Purdue University
Cyber Forensics Lab

All-Inclusive Booth Packages – (Per 10×10 space) includes:
· 6’ White draped table
· Carpeting

· Pipe and drape back wall and side railings

· 2 chairs

· Wastebasket

· 7” x 44” black and white organization identification sign

· Complimentary Trade Show Only attendee passes

· Complimentary Trade Conference attendee passes

Please contact us today to reserve your space. The earlier an exhibitor signs up, the more pre-show promotion they take advantage of!


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Show Director
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