Direct Connect Web launches the ‘Ratings’ section

This is to announce the arrival of a new section in Direct Connect Web – ‘Website Ratings’. We have come up with a non-biased customer friendly section, where the visitors get the opportunity to rate the website of their choice on the scale of 1-10. The user has to first get them registered ‘free of cost’, and then enter their username and password to get access to this section. Then they have to rate a website (of their choice) on the scale between 1-10 points.

Top 5 rated websites will be displayed on our home page free of charge. Ratings are done exclusively by the visitors, and one can rate a website only once in a day. Visitors can view minimum 5 websites and maximum 500+ websites on the ratings page depending upon their wish. Come and rate your favorite website and make it stand out from other competitors!


If you’d like more information about this topic, please call Kyle Sho at 1-866-9-932-932 or email Kyle Sho at [email protected]

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