DLA Piper Announces Record M&A Deal Volumes In 2007 – Corporate Law News

DLA Piper is delighted to announce record M&A deal volumes across multiple jurisdictions during 2007. The totals have been summarized in the year-end league tables issued by Bloomberg, Thomson Financial and mergermarket.

According to Bloomberg, DLA Piper ranked third worldwide based on the number of announced transactions (458 deals), ranked fourth in the United States (199 deals), second in Europe (323 deals) and first in the UK (192 deals).

Bloomberg’s year-end league tables represent publicly disclosed transactions that were announced between January 1, 2007 and December 31, 2007, that are either pending or completed, and for which Bloomberg has been notified.

According to Thomson Financial, DLA Piper ranked third worldwide based on completed transactions (353 deals), ranked sixth in the United States (146 deals).

In the mergermarket year-end league tables, DLA Piper was ranked third based on volume of M&A globally (351 deals), seventh in the U.S. (151 deals), fifth in Europe (239 deals) and first in the UK (174 deals).

The results further cement DLA Piper’s position as one of the most prolific and efficient global corporate practices.

Diane Holt Frankle, co-chair of DLA Piper’s M&A practice group, commented: “We are pleased with our extremely strong standings in all three year-end league tables,” said. “I’m extremely proud of our attorneys’ accomplishments during the past year and I think this provides us with incredible momentum in 2008.”

Juan Picon, partner and EMEA head of the corporate group commented: “These results are encouraging and illustrate DLA Piper’s increasing penetration across multiple jurisdictions. The commitment that the group has shown over the last number of years is playing dividends and I hope and expect the success to continue through the more challenging market conditions of 2008.”

David Raff, partner and UK head of the corporate group, commented: “It is a testament to the hard work and drive of the UK practice that we are once again at the top of the league tables. 2008 will undoubtedly be a more challenging year and our growing team are one of the best placed to deliver for our burgeoning client list.”

Jan – Dec 2007 – Final results

All results are by deal count (i.e. volume of deals) unless otherwise stated.

League table Location Deal type Position

mergermarket Global M&A 3
Buyouts 5
Europe M&A 5
Buyouts 2
UK M&A 1
Spain M&A 5
US M&A 7
Asia-Pacific M&A 15

Bloomberg Global M&A 3
Europe M&A 2
UK M&A 1
Germany M&A 9
Benelux M&A 9
Iberia M&A 6
Nordic M&A 3
Australia and NA M&A 16

Thomson Financial Globally M&A 6
Iberia M&A (by value) 14
US M&A 8


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