DLA Piper Posts Record Global Revenue For 2007

LAWFUEL – Law Firm Newswire – DLA Piper has announced its global revenue for the year ending 31 December 2007, which is up 18.7% to over $2.1billion/£1billion/€1.5billion.

DLA Piper also indicated that its profits per equity partner were up 8.3% for the year to $1.281 million. These numbers confirm that the firm has performed increasingly well across practices and key markets, while still investing in new and existing offices, delving more deeply into emerging markets and continuing operational integration.

2007 2006 Increase
Revenue $ 2,142,012,000 $1,804,139,000 18.7%
£1,069,776,000 £980,500,000
€1,563,691,000 €1,415,600,000

Profits per $1,281,292 $1,183,000 8.3%
equity £640,000* £643,000
partner €935,500 €928,000

*Exchange rate for 2007 was $2.00/£ whereas in 2006 it was $1.84/£
Nigel Knowles, joint Chief Executive Officer of DLA Piper, commented: “We have performed well and our continued growth is underpinned by the DLA Piper model, which delivers for our clients and for us as a business. We expect our progress to continue unabated through 2008, albeit under more challenging market conditions. I am delighted that as a business we are pushing geographical boundaries and responding to the needs of our clients by being technically excellent and solutions-orientated.”

Frank Burch, joint Chief Executive Officer of DLA Piper, commented: “These numbers are strong across all of our core practice areas. They reinforce the decision we made three years ago to be a leading business law firm on a global scale. I am most proud of the fact that we are reaching these strategic milestones based on the quality of our services and the strong relationships we have and continue to develop with our clients, large and small, around the world.”

“I am very pleased with the firm’s global revenue numbers in 2007,” said George J Mitchell, Chairman of DLA Piper. “They reflect the hard work and tremendous contribution our lawyers have made throughout the year to advance our growth and maintain our momentum. By building global practices, focusing on the needs of leading mature and emerging companies, and having the capacity to advise clients no matter where in the world they need us, we have established ourselves as a leading global business law firm.”

In addition to impressive revenue growth within the firm’s core practice areas, DLA Piper also invested significant resources into CSR and pro bono legal work in offices around the world throughout the year. In 2007, DLA Piper’s 64 offices all met the rigorous ISO 14001 certification, establishing the business as one of the most sustainability conscious in the sector.

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