Do You Need a Burn Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles?

An experienced Los Angeles Burn Injury Lawyer can help if you have inadvertently caused another to suffer a burn injury. A Burn Injury Lawyer can help you if you are the victim of a burn injury.

Each year in Santa Ana and all of Orange County, many people become the victim of a burn injury. Usually a business or a person can be held liable for the cause of the injury if they are found to be negligent. Burn injuries may be unintentional but one can still be held liable for them. Orange County and its many cities is no stranger to burn injuries. Not only are there industrial fires or unintentional fires to contend with there, are also the forests fires that seem to happen yearly. Some of these forest fires are found to be arson, and the arsonist when caught will be held liable for damage to property and to persons.

If you have been burned in a fire or suffered the loss of your personal property, a Personal Injury Lawyer can help you decide to file a claim for legal action and compensation. Whether the burn injury was an accident or intentional does not matter. The negligent party can be held liable for your medical bills, property damage and any other monetary loss you have suffered. Even the spouse of the burn victim can file a claim for loss of consortium compensation. Loss of Consortium refers to loss of spousal relationship due to a burn injury.

You may also be entitled to: Payment of your medical bills; lost income compensation; Vocational retraining or rehabilitation; Compensation for pain and suffering.

There are 6 classifications of burn injuries


  • 1st degree, which affects only the out layer of skin. Sun burn is one example.
  • 2nd degree, affects the first layer of skin and just below the surface.
  • 3rd degree covers the whole layer of skin.
  • 4th degree, this damages the bones and tissues
  • 5th degree, the whole hypodermis is lost.
  • 6th degree, total skin and tissues, loss of life, only bones remain</li

Burn injuries can be inflicted by heat, radiation, cold, electricity, chemicals and light and scalding. Burn injuries can be the main cause of death. As mentioned above, they may be also be caused by forest fire and arson. Orange County Personal Injury Lawyers can defend you if you have been negligent and caused a burn injury. If you are the victim of a burn injury, Burn Injury Lawyers can file a legal claim for compensation for you. In either case the answer to the question “Do You Need a Burn Lawyer?” is yes.

If you have suffer a burn injury and seek an experienced Orange County burn injury attorney one can be reached at 888-400-9721.

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