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DUBLIN, Ireland- LAWFUEL – Law Jobs, Law News Network -Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c45096) has announced the addition of France Legal Services Market: Sector Report to their offering.

This industry profile is an essential tool to help your company gain an in-depth knowledge and competitive advantage in the industry. The profile is an assimilation of insider knowledge, market characteristics and economic indicators. It analyzes the critical success factors in the industry – how the industry has evolved and how competitive dynamics have impacted market behavior.

Sectional Highlights

-Structure of the industry, market size, and growth rates have been analyzed

-Value chain analysis categorizes the value-adding activities to develop low-cost differentiation strategies

-Trend analysis detects historical patterns that could help in forecasting future demand periods

-Critical issues are reviewed that may become a threat to the industry

-PEST analysis uses a framework of external factors for macro-environmental scanning of the industry to help in taking advantage of opportunities and making contingency plans for threats

-Competitive positioning of the industry leaders has been evaluated in terms of sales, profitability, stock trend and other performance indicators

Key Benefits

-Provides input for strategic business planning

-Targets business opportunities & risks

-Exploits competitive intelligence

Target Audience

-Investment Managers

-Venture Capitalists

-Management Consultants

-Research Companies

-Other Industry Professionals

Content Outline:

1. Industry Overview

1.1 Industry Structure

1.2 Market Value

2. Industry Characteristics

2.1 Value Chain Analysis

2.2 Key Trends

2.3 Growth Drivers

2.4 Major Challenges

3. Macro-Environment Analysis


3.1 Political/Legal Forces

3.2 Economic Forces

3.3 Socio-Cultural Forces

3.4 Technological forces

4. Competitor Analysis

4.1 Industry Leaders

4.1.1 Business Description

4.1.2 Strategic Initiatives

4.2 Competitor Array

Assessment and Positioning

4.3 Comparables Analysis

4.3.1 Sales and Earnings Comparison

4.3.2 Ratio Analysis

4.3.3 Stock Performance

5. Industry Forecast


1. Industry Classification

2. Competitor Matrix


1. Market Size/Growth

2. Industry Value Chain

3. Trend Analysis

4. Sales Comparison

5. Earnings Comparison

6. Stock Chart

7. Industry Forecast

For more information visit http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c45096

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