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DUBLIN, Ireland– LAWFUEL – Law News, Law Jobs –Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c46410) has announced the addition of Law Library Benchmarks, 2006-07 Edition to their offering.

This report presents aggregated data from more than 80 law libraries, with data broken out for type and size of library and including data for private company, law firm, government and university law libraries. The report presents more than 300 tables of data on topics such as overall materials spending, spending on journals, books and ebooks, print reporters, online databases, CD-ROM and other information vehicles.

Additional data quantifies cost of librarian travel, use of blogs, RSS feeds, library involvement in legal continuing education, and information literacy and training efforts.

The report also provides extensive detail on salaries, current and planned additions and contractions to libraries, substitution of digital for print resources, and other issues of concern to law libraries and their parent organizations.

Characteristics of the Sample

Summary of Main Findings

The Physical Premises of the Library

Trends in Salaries

Trends in the Law Library Budget

Law Library Spending For Content & Materials

Reference & Research Policies

Blogs, Listservs & RSS Feeds

When Law Librarians Travel

Content and Knowledge Management

Use of Journals

Books, Directories & Print Reporters

Workstations in the Library


Use of Jobbers & Subscription Agents

Continuing Education for Attorneys

Internet Search Skills of Attorneys

1. Section one: the physical premises of the law

2. Section two: physical traffic to the law library

3. Section three: law library employment & salaries

4. Section four: trends in the overall law library budget

5. Section five: trends in library spending for content/materials

6. Section six: trends in library spending for online databases

7. Section seven: print vs. electronic

8. Section eight: reference practices & procedures

9. Section nine: the subject of law library research

10. Section ten: blogs, listserv’s, rss feeds, & time spent online

11. Section eleven: reimbursement for and frequency of travel for law librarians

12. Section twelve: content and knowledge management systems

13. Section thirteen: trends in use of and spending on legal and other professional journals

14. Section fourteen: trends in use of and spending on newspapers and magazines

15. Section fifteen: trends in use of and spending on books and directories

16. Section sixteen: trends in use of and spending on print versions of reporters

17. Section seventeen: use of workstations in the law library

18. Section eighteen: use of and spending on cd-rom databases

19. Section nineteen: use of subscription agents and distributors for books and periodicals

20. Section twenty: the law library’s role in continuing legal education

21. Section twenty one: training law library patrons in database & internet usage

For more information visit http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c46410

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