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This book develops a sociological understanding of law making in the European Union. In particular, the book focuses on the social function of law in new governance structures promoting decentralized and flexible procedures that encourage deliberation, participation of stakeholders, and public dialogue. It pays attention to both the practical knowledge and the power relations underpinning law making, while seeking to bring to the foreground the importance of compromise in the process.

The empirical substantiation of the argument discusses the regulation of technology in the European Union and is premised on case studies of governance of the Internet, patents of high technology, filters used on the Internet to block harmful material, trademark law and domain name dispute resolution by ICANN. To this effect, the book studies the dynamics of constructing a legal argument inside the European Commission, and its role in the process of coordinating the creation of networks, securing enforcement in self regulatory regimes, and steering activity on the part of autonomous groups of actors.


This book fills a real gap in our knowledge of administrative organisation, decision-making, dispute settlement and legislative processes in the European Union. It is theoretically innovative and sociologically well-informed. Its theoretical approach and case studies of the European Commission, governance of the Internet and patents of high technology will be valuable for all readers interested in European law and society.

Professor Francis Snyder, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

Scholarship in European Union Law has undergone a transformation in the last decade or so. It is increasingly theoretically informed and empirically rich. This book exemplifies this positive change. Discussion of Bourdieu sits alongside a detailed account of the internal functioning of the European Commission. Constructive but not uncritical, and seeking to build theory from practice, this volume presents an illuminating account of new governance in the EU.

Joanne Scott, Professor of European Law, Faculty of Laws, University College London

About the Author/Editor

Katerina Sideri is a Lecturer in Law at the University of Exeter, England. She writes in the fields of law and social theory, law and governance, regulation of technology in the EU, and bioethics.

Content Outline:

Introducing the problématique of law and new governance: from phronesis to compromise

Economy, polity, and the European experience

The European Commission and the law making process: compromise as a category of praxis

Procedural rationality, power, and the bureaucratic mode of thinking

Ruptures in established practice

Elements of a theory of law making in the European Union



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