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DUBLIN, Ireland–LAWFUEL – The Business Law Newswire – Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c61959) has announced the addition of “Seminar Archive: Software M&A Annual Review 2006, and How to Maximize Your Company’s Value in 2007” to their offering.

2006 was quite a year for M&A.

Overall deals were up 30% worldwide.

Deal volume in software sectors increased by as much as 50%.

And the M&A dollar volume approached 1999 levels.

That’s great news for the small ISV whose exit strategy is to sell. But before you put the “for sale” sign out, you need to know how to maximize your software company’s value. You need to understand who’s buying now, what’s driving these deals, and what’s a reasonable valuation multiple for your particular market sector. Don’t do your homework, and you’ll likely be swindled by fast-talking buyers who do acquisitions every day for a living.

We can help ensure you’re prepared for the deal of your life. Topics covered in this seminar include:

– Review of 2006 deals

– Sector trends from 2006

– Valuation metrics on multiple markets

– Financial vs. strategic buyers: Which is better?

– M&A vs. IPO: Why does M&A dominate IPO activity?

– What’s driving M&A valuation?

– Strategic acquisitions vs. technical acquisitions

– How to profile the best buyer for your business

– How you can stay on top of acquisition trends

– How to discern the hottest segments of the market

– The one thing almost every software CEO does that robs them of their full upside potential

But the seminar’s ‘icing on the cake’ was the 3 software CEOs that participated in a panel discussion. Each CEO has firsthand experience with the M&A deal. And each came away with some hard lessons learned.

Think that buyers are smart enough to see the strengths of your company? Think your rapidly growing, highly profitable company will sell itself? That’s what Rob Beatty of Plexus Systems thought. What he quickly learned is that buyers come to the table with their own checklist. And you — the seller — must fit into their mould if you want to sell for top dollar.

Think that M&A is a fair game and that your buyer will play by the rules? In this seminar, Mike Vieyra of iView Multimedia tells you the details of the ambush M&A deal his company fell prey to. As a result, his company valuation took a hit.

As Ron Ferguson of Mainstar software puts it… the M&A experience was a painful learning experience. With one — and only one — chance to get it right. In this seminar Ron shares with you his 3 practical, absolutely-must-do-right tips to help you avoid making the same mistakes.

Companies mentioned:

– Carlyle Group

– UC4 Software GmbH–Enterprise

– NCR Corporation

– IDVelocity

– WellPoint Systems Inc

– DEAS International

– NICE Systems

– FAST Video Security

– Blue Cross Blue Shield

– REDmedic, Thomson West

– Cowles Legal, Microsoft

– iView Multimedia

– Apax Partners

– Plexus Systems

– Rocket Software

– Gemcom Software

– Surpac Minex Group

– Harland Financial

– Financialware, Inc.


– Mindbox

– Accel-KKR


– Apax Partners

– Oracle


– Francisco Partners

– Motorola

– Golden Gate Capital

– Jupitermedia

– Silver Lake Partners

– L-3 Communications

– Symphony Technology Group

– Sage Group

– Thoma Cressey

– Cisco Systems

– NeoMedia Technologies

– Yahoo

– Accenture

– Google

– Kronos

– Trimble Navigation

– VeriSign

For more information visit http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c61959

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