DUI Attorney Minnesota – The Hidden Costs of a DUI In Minnesota

LawFuel – DUI Law News – Douglas T Kans is a former prosecutor who has successfully defended thousands of criminal cases in the Twin Cities. His website deals with some of the key issues relating to various criminal offences, including DUI offences.

A key issue that many people overlook when considering DUI offences is what the hidden costs of such charges are. In Minnesota there are hidden costs beyond just the dangers relating to operating a vehicle while being alcohol impaired.

Being charged with a DUI offense will be extremely upsetting to your family and loved ones. Putting them through the fear and anguish of your DUI trial can cause irreparable rifts in any family, no matter how strong.

In addition to hurting loved ones, you could put your employment in jeopardy if you are charged or convicted of a DUI offense. As your Minneapolis DUI lawyer may advise you, some employers do have clauses in their condition of employment that state that you must not be convicted of a DUI offense. This is particularly true if driving a vehicle is one factor of your ongoing employment.

It isn’t just your current employment that is jeopardy. Any potential employer can obtain your DUI record and many will seriously consider this report when deciding whether to hire you. Your DUI conviction can haunt your employment efforts for years to come.

Another concern is your ability to obtain auto insurance after a conviction. It is a common complaint that after a DUI offense, the rates insurance companies charge skyrocket. In fact, these insurance rates can stay high for many years after your conviction, even if it was your first offense.

Your Minneapolis DUI lawyer may advise you that yet another hidden cost of a DUI conviction can be the difficulty in getting your license reinstated. Oftentimes after a lengthy suspension period (sometimes up to three years), you can have your license reinstated, but the fees are often cost prohibitive for some individuals.

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