Edinburgh, 3 April 2007, JobTonic is the first website in the UK t…

Edinburgh, 3 April 2007,

JobTonic is the first website in the UK to reward a referral hire. Mr A of Glasgow has been appointed to the position of Telesales Advisor at a major financial institution thanks to a referral from Mr B. The home head hunter, Mr B, will shortly receive his finder’s bounty of £375 for successfully matchmaking the appointment.

Revolutionary recruitment website JobTonic leverages visitor’s social networks to generate recommendations for positions with rewards of up to £10,000 available. Thanks to this unique model, the website offers recruiters the chance to reach the coveted passive jobseeker; the faithful employee who doesn’t necessarily know what’s available on the open job market.

Successful referrer Mr B commented “I found the job and it looked just the right thing for Mr A, I’m over the moon firstly because he’s got a better job and secondly because I receive a reward cheque”.

Commenting on the news, JobTonic General Manager Nick Goldstein said “We’re very happy to have hosted the first successful paid web-referral appointment in the UK and look forward to making many more successful matches in the future. Direct applications had already seen the site prove its worth but a successful referral appointment is great news and shows that the model is working”.

For interview opportunities with Nick Goldstein or the referrers please contact us.

About JobTonic:
JobTonic is the UK’s first website to reward individuals for matching candidates with positions. In March 2007 the site was the first in the UK to reward a successful referral hire. JobTonic allows forward-looking employers to directly target passive candidates, considered the holy grail of recruitment.

Press Contact:
Alasdair Bailey, 0870 1650904

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