Edinburgh July 24, 2007 – LAWFUEL – The Law Jobs Newswire – Jobtonic a…

Edinburgh July 24, 2007 – LAWFUEL – The Law Jobs Newswire – Jobtonic allows users to view jobs and make referrals with the chance of being rewarded with up to £2,200. The refer-o-matic application is free to use and available to all users, Jobtonic passes on a finder’s fee reward to successful referrers.

Jobtonic’s refer-o-matic intelligently reads the user’s Facebook profile in order to display jobs most relevant to their location. It gives the growing number of Jobtonic referrers quick and easy access to the latest job vacancies via an application button always present on the left hand side of their profile. The application can easily be added to a Facebook profile with just a few clicks in less than two minutes.

Facebook boasts over 24 million active users worldwide and has been receiving 100,000 new registrations daily since January 2007. With well over 1,000 jobs now available across the UK on Jobtonic with rewards of up to £2,200 up for grabs, there has never been a better time for social networking fans to monetise their networks.

Nick Goldstein, GM, Jobtonic enthused “Facebook is the social networking site of choice for those looking to keep in touch with friends and past colleagues. By embedding our job vacancies on the site with this application, we ensure that our users have easy access to them giving them more opportunities to refer jobs to friends and make some money if their friends take the job.”
For interview opportunities with Nick Goldstein on the impact Web 2.0 is having on recruitment or any further information, please contact us. Take refer-o-matic for a test drive today by logging into Facebook and searching for ‘Jobtonic’ in the search box. Visit the Jobtonic website to perform a job search and refer jobs to friends today.

About Jobtonic.com
The Jobtonic process:
– find a job vacancy that suits a friend
– email it to them using Jobtonic’s referral system
– if they’re successful, you get rewarded
Jobtonic is the UK ‘s first website to reward individuals for matching candidates with positions. Jobtonic allows forward-looking employers to directly target passive candidates, considered the holy grail of recruitment. In March 2007 the site was the first in the UK to reward a successful referral hire.

Press contact
Alasdair Bailey
phone: +44 (0) 131 220 1313
web: http://www.jobtonic.com

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