Energy Diversity Needed to Moderate Prices Washington, DC – The Counc…

Energy Diversity Needed to Moderate Prices

Washington, DC – The Council of Republicans for Environmental Advocacy (CREA) today applauded the United States Senate for its vote in support of exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). After two decades of debate, the Senate approved ANWR’s inclusion in the Fiscal Year 2006 Budget Resolution. Exploration of ANWR is one piece of a larger plan to diversify the nation’s energy portfolio, which will include greater research in renewable energy, increased energy efficiency, and less dependence on foreign sources of energy.

“The Senate’s vote in favor of exploration in ANWR brings the United States closer to energy independence and ensures that energy will be produced with the most stringent environmental standards in the world,” said Doug Wheeler, former National Executive Director of the Sierra Club and CREA Advisory Board Member.

The addition of ANWR’s resources to the world energy supply will increase energy stability and assist in moderating prices. In addition to vast petroleum resources, there is believed to be as much as 34 trillion cubic feet of natural gas contained within ANWR. Natural gas is needed to make anhydrous ammonia, a key tool for the agricultural community.

“With nitrogen prices rising from $200 a ton to $350 a ton or higher over the last three years, the natural gas ANWR can supply will be crucial in moderating prices for America’s farmers” said CREA Advisory Board Member Gary Baise. Baise, an attorney and a farmer, is the former Chief of Staff of the US EPA.


The Council of Republicans for Environmental Advocacy (CREA) is a non-profit organization of Republicans dedicated to sound conservation management of wildlife, land, water, and resources.

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